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Shenae Curry Joins HotNewHipHop to Host Word On The Street: DAMN. vs. More Life

Hey guys! 

As you've probably saw on social media, I am the new addition to the HotNewHipHop team! *Kanye voice*

If you're not too clear on what HotNewHipHop is, they're one of the last standing hip hop sites that still post new content daily while keeping it HIP HOP. I have always respected their brand for that so when they reached out to be to join the company as an on-air correspondent, it was a no brainer to say yes!

For our first episode of Word On The Street, where we talk to the people and get their views/perspectives of all things hip hop, we hit Union Square and asked folks their opinions on Drake & Kendrick Lamar's new albums, More Life & DAMN.

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